Company Profile
GEORGAKAKOS - GREXPO SYSTEM was founded in 2006 by Theofilos G.Georgakakos Mechanical Engineering Msc and specialized in congress and exhibition equipment.

In a world that development is inevitable, congresses and business meetings comprise a considerable piece of trade and public relations. Lately, Greece became the centre of attraction, attempting to develop the fields of organizing and processing global exhibitions and congresses.

The found of our company was the result of a long-year and know-how experience in the area of congresses. After all these years experience and having the knowledge of the part called “organizing and build up “an exhibition, we expand our try in congress and exhibition equipment branch.
Our aim is the continuously improvement of the product that are used for that kid of purpose.

Watching very closely the state of the art and design that globally take place, we have assure for you a very large diversity of products that continuously refreshed in order to cover all of your needs.

You have the opportunity to choose the proper equipment for your stand (stall) of the exhibition, congress or event that you are taking part of.

We know from the first place all the areas that exhibition or congresses are taking place, so do not hesitate asking for our advice in order to blend your equipment with the area that the exhibition or congress is occur.

The familiarity with that branch, the competitive prices combined with the quality of the equipment and also the consistency and reliability are the bigger advantages of our company.

We can ensure you that you will find a valuable advisor and great associate for the accomplishment of your objectives.

Theofilos Georgakakos